Activities Giethoorn

Hotel Van Saaze is closely located to Giethoorn. The Dutch village is also called ‘the Venice of the North, due to its stunning canal system and almost car-free town centre. Boats are the main way of transportation in the village and it is easy to spend whole days exploring Giethoorn delightful waterways and its surroundings.
Giethoorn’s canal system is unique for several reasons. The wide and low-lying canals were built around the 17th century. And had as a main purpose ferrying farmers and their goods or livestock. The canals have tall and narrow bridges, which allow ships carrying stacks of hay to pass underneath. The canals are still used by locals, in the old centre there are still no roads. It is a must see, because it is unlike any other canal network in the Netherlands. It is possible to explore Giethoorn almost completely by boat.

Giethoorn has several fantastic activities and events:

13 and 14 July of 2019 Rock Around Giethoorn
This weekend of July it is all about Rock and Roll. Several Rock and Roll bands perform in café, bars and restaurants. You need a ticket for this event.
16, 17 and 18 August Bluesfestival
Drift over the canals of Giethoorn and enjoy the blues sounds of several bands all over Giethoorn. You need a ticket for this event.

31 August Gondelvaart in Giethoorn
Giethoorn is a magical place during the “Gondelvaart in Giethoorn”. Enjoy the magnifying boat parade in the evening through the unique village canal. This is truly an amazing and fairy-tale event check for more information;